Who is the girl behind the computer screen?

Hi guys! My names Helen. I'm 18 and I love everything beauty and fashion related. I'm from Ireland but I'm living in England for the summer and I decided to start a beauty and fashion blog as I have quite a bit of spare time. Blogging is a perfect hobby for someone like me- zero co-ordination when it comes to sport, I can't play and instrument, I can't sing, can't dance I'm basically TALENTLESS. haha so I am so happy that I've found something that suits me and that something just happens to be blogging YAY. I try to post regularly but it doesn't always happen due to work but I will try my best to get a schedule going haha. Hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to follow if you like the what I post. I have a twitter which is linked over to the right where I post more frequent daily updates. My email is also linked to the right, you can email me any questions you have.

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